Saturday, May 28, 2016

Post # 1 In The Beginning

G`day Folks,
Welcome to my blog covering the building of my model railway.

Work has begun on the room that will house Great Chesterford Junction, Little Bardfield and Bamford.This railway is fictional, however the place names are real. Why these names you ask???.......well because some of my ancestors came from Great Chesterford in Essex. They emmigrated to Australia in the 1800`s. I have been to Great Chesterford and I feel a very strong connection to the place, therefore the name for my railway. My ancestors were Bards.......Little Bardfield is very close to Great Chesterford.Bamford was originally going to be called Bampton ,but I decided to include my wife`s family as well and so Bamford was the obvious choice.
The real Great Chesterford has a railway running through it to Cambridge etc, but I have chosen to follow a fictional plan and create a junction with plenty of operational challenges. If it is too easy to operate I will lose interest.
Recently, I was fortunate enough to acquire Murrays railway, due to the generosity of Murrays widow ,who was assisted by Murrays friend Gary in disposing of said railway.  Most of what I acquired will become Little Bardfield and Bamford with very little left over.
To give you an idea of what I am up to I have inserted a plan below. The plan shows the junction station with fiddleyard opposite. There will also be a sliding fiddleyard on the peninsula that projects into the middle of the room. Above the sliding fiddleyard will be Bamford branch terminus. Above and in front of the other fiddleyard will be Little Bardfield branchline through station.

The railway is 13 feet x 10 feet. On the lower right hand side of the plan, the branch line passes through the wall into my workshop and travels around the wall, rising at 1 in 60 as it goes, to a height of at least 3 inches. It travels through the wall near the top right hand side of the plan and passes through a curved Little Bardfield station. It travels through the supporting wall for the branch terminus (Bamford) and below Bamford, yet above the main line tracks, and out through the left hand wall into a storage room.It does a circuit of the room, whilst climbing 1 in 60, to arrive at Bamford back through the wall again.
That`s probably enough confusion for the moment.!!.....The room forms part of my garage, which has been a conversion project for quite some time now. At this stage the ceiling is lined, the lights are done and the power points are in. I have cut one of the exit holes for the branch and so far everything seems to be on course. The photo below shows where I started a couple of years ago and you can see the remnants of my former railway.......What a mess!!!!!

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  1. A man after my own heart, using what you can to keep costs down. I never actually thought about using old cabinates etc for baseboards, you have saved me from having to buy new timber for the other side of my new layout. Regards Geoff