Sunday, May 29, 2016

Post #3 Fitting Supporting Brackets

The entrance door to the train room has been painted both sides and pelmet fitted as per below

The first pic shows the door from the workshop side 

The next shows the door from inside the train room

The carpet has also been laid and it has reduced the echo effect in the room

I have now started to install the steel brackets that will support the railway. I have slipped into a pic to give it some scale

One thing I should mention is the amount of recycling that has gone into this garage conversion. These days we live in a throw away society and I don`t think people seriously consider the huge impact that unwanted items have on the environment. The amount of rubbish that an individual may dispose of in a lifetime is no big deal........but when you multiply it by`s massive.
My garage contains timber framing that was going to be put through a solid fuel burner, some sheets of fibre cement being used for a second time, paint that is well past it`s use by date, reclaimed iron sheeting, steel framing left over from a job and saved from the scrap metal merchant, particle board furniture taken apart to be used for baseboards...............the list goes on and on and I don`t wish to bore you..........but the point is that for a moderate amount of effort spent in reclaiming these items I have also saved myself quite a lot of money.

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