Monday, May 1, 2017

Post # 5 Further Development

Work on the railway has begun again in earnest. I have managed to put together two baseboards over the last couple of days, although it looks like only one in the pics. I am using up my store of scavenged materials, which is a good thing.
The pics below show where I am at. These boards ( the white ones ) are some of the more complex ones, due to their shape and the odd angles involved in the framing.

I have managed to print out and stick down a full sized track plan on part of the layout. It gives a great feel for what the layout will actually be like and it will assist greatly with track laying. I intend to lay track over the top of the plan which should make it relatively easy to achieve some of the radii contained within said plan.
I plan to cut strips of foam rubber to the same width as the sleepers and then glue the foam rubber to the track. Then the track with foam rubber underlay will be glued on top of the plan and possibly pinned if necessary.I have tested this method and I am happy with the results. Trains run ever so quietly over the rubber base.

There is plenty of room for my five coach trains and so far all seems to be good.!!!
Fingers crossed !!!


  1. Are you sure the superquick water tower looks like a water tower? The bottom half is OK and has relief but the top? btw , nice backscene, what is it ?

    1. G`day Andrew,
      The back scene is a home made compilation of pics off the net.
      The water tower has a replacement coming soon